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Cruise ship

Welcome to Home, Home on the Web for the Benjamin Franklin High School class of 1964. Look here for whatever news and photos your classmates are willing to share. Look especially for details and photos from our 50th reunion, October 24-26, 2014, with our first-ever reunion cruise.

Send updated contact information to the who will pass it on.

The giving section makes the case for financial support for our alma mater. We attended the best public high school in New Orleans, especially for those going on to higher education. To the extent that this is still true, Franklin may be the best investment we can make in the long-term future of New Orleans.

Our 50th Reunion Gift

Frank's Giving Challenge

That link is about my giving challenge for MIT. I offer a similar one for Franklin. People tend to donate less toward a high school, so for Franklin, I'll do it for a donation of $2000.

Our class email list is available to all our classmates.